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Benefits of Made to Measure, Pre-hung Exterior Doors.

UPVC Made to measure Front & Back External Doors, in Range of Designs & Colours

doorWe’ve had one of the coldest springs on record, with heating bills going through the roof (often literally…). Many people will be thinking about replacing windows – but don’t forget doors. You may think your double glazed windows arent as effective as they could be, as there are still drafts and cold spots. This is probably due to the existing external doors, which may seem fine at a glance, but on closer inspection are found not to be a snug fit. This can be caused by warpage or shrinkage, especially with timber doors, and can significantly affect the energy efficiency of a property. There isnt much benefit in investing in a double glazed window system, if heat is escaping through your exterior doors!

Old, timber doors are prone to warp, fit poorly, let in draughts and look unsightly, they also require a substantial amount of maintenance during the summer months. UPVC doors are the answer, offering qualities like strength, durability, thermal efficiency and the availability of a wide range of designs, styles and colours.

But dont just choose any UPVC door, the last thing you want is to replace an inefficient product with something that will cause a different set of problems. Inferior UPVC doors can be flimsy, badly designed and ill fitting, which defeats the object of replacement and incurs unwanted expense.

Good high quality UPVC replacement exterior doors, available from UPVC Door Store are actually made to measure and come pre-hung in their own custom fit frames. Pre-hung doors provide a hassle free solution to problems like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, or a new door into an existing door frame.

Pre-hung exterior front and back doors from UPVC Door Store, are not only easier for DIY installation but will help you to keep your fuel bills down, keep warm and ensure unwanted visitors are kept out. The result of a combination of robust construction, clever design and superior locking systems. All this along with competitive prices and a selection of further reduced sale items.

Learn how to measure for your new doors here.

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