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There are many jobs around the home and office which may be tackled by the unqualified DIYer, with no more serious consequences than peeling paintwork, wobbly shelves or lumpy carpets. DIY disasters of this kind are frustrating, but can be laughed about with friends and family. However, it is important that some jobs are left to the experts in order to avoid serious injury. One of the main areas that should not be approached by the non professional is electrics. Whether at home or elsewhere, only skilled electricians or electrical contractors should complete installations, rewiring, or maintenance etc. This ensures the safety of all concerned, and reduces the risk of costly mistakes or accidents.

Bardo Electrical Ltd are certified electrical contractors, specialising in commercial and industrial sector work in South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. Offering a wide range of services Bardo Electrical Ltd were established in 1987, and are proud of their flexible and progressive attitude. A dedication to customer satisfaction and an eagerness to assist, has also contributed to the popularity of this company.

A host of certifications and accreditations include, NICEIC, Constructionline, Safe Contractor, ECA, CHAS and Trust Mark. Customers can have complete peace of mind in the knowledge that when they use Bardo Electrical Ltd for their electrical needs, health and safety standards are strictly adhered to.

All of the team at Bardo Electrical are fully hands on, providing a range of electrical services including, in house electrical design, incoming power distribution, fire alarm and emergency lighting, security systems, CAT 5e and CAT 6 voice and data cabling for the public and private sector. Bardo Electrical have an excellent level of experience with all electrical installation work such as, low voltage switchgear installation and cable containment.

Bardo Electrical Ltd are committed to a superior staff training process and their support in this respect has resulted in one of their apprentices being awarded ‘Outstanding Apprentice of the Year’ at the JTL Advanced Apprenticeship Awards.

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Energy Efficient UPVC Front Doors & Back Doors

Eco Heat Systems welcome our friends at the UPVC Door Store to the partner pages of our website. In their opening article, the UPVC Door Store extol the environmental benefits of good quality double-glazed front and back doors.

While most home owners – and businesses – give thought to loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and even double glazing, exterior doors are often overlooked when it comes to making our homes energy efficient. There is also a tendency to think that wood, being a ‘warm’ and natural material, provides all the thermal qualities we need for our doors. As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth.

UPVC doors have many advantages over timber doors. They are certainly lower maintenance. For wooden doors to retain their structural integrity, doors and frames must be painted, treated or varnished at regular intervals. Unlike wooden doors, UPVC front doors and back doors will not warp or shrink whatever the weather throws at them. They will remain draught free, water tight and secure for decades while also retaining their colour, strength and security features. And one day, in many years to come, when they may need replacing, UPVC doors can be recycled.

Exterior doors from the UPVC Door Store are manufactured around a galvanised steel frame. Not only does this provide great security and strength to the doors but it gives an insulated inner core, further adding to their energy efficient features.

With hundreds of front doors and back doors to choose from, the UPVC Door Store offers beauty as well as practicality. Modern, insulating UPVC is now available in a great choice of colours including natural wood effects and comes in smooth and textured finishes. To get an idea of some of the great designs of UPVC doors check out the website at

Energy Efficient UPVC Front Doors & Back Doors

Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps in Action

Eco Heat Systems web partner, Turn Key Air Conditioning have highlighted an example of a new energy efficient heating system for schools and public buildings on the project pages of their website.

TKAC were commissioned to provide the heating for a new build special needs school in Sheffield but there were important environmental considerations to be met. CO2 emissions in the new building had to be cut by at least 20% and at least 10% of the energy used had to come from renewable sources. Other technical considerations had to be taken into accound including the fact that there would be limited access to the site and space was at a premium.

The consultants for the design of Woolley Wood School had specified underfloor heating for the school as this was less intrusive than conventional radiators.

Turn Key opted for Ecodan air source heat pumps, developed by Mitsubishi, to supply the power. Ecodan CAHV air source heat pumps are classified as a renewable energy as they generate more than three times as much energy as they consume. For every 1kW of energy being used by an Ecodan air source heat pump it creates 3.2kW through the ingenius aplication of heat transfer technology. Ecodan heat pumps work in an ambient temperature range of -25C to 40C and produce hot water up to 70C. Ecodan CAHV monobloc air source heat pumps each generate up to 43kW of power and can work in combination to meet greater requirements.

Turn Key Air conditioning are skilled and experienced in off-site manufacturing. The whole heating system, including plant room, was constructed on two skids which were then installed on anti-vibration pads on the school roof, further eliminating the need for structural alterations or the erection of load bearing plinths. The ‘plug and play’ system from Turn Key simply needed to be connected to the electricity and water supplies and from start to finish installation took hours rather than days to complete.

The net result was a decrease in carbon emissions of over 30% and massive saving on energy bills for the school.

For further information visit the Turn Key website at

Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps from Turn Key Air Conditioning