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Energy Efficient Fuel Distribution in Northern Ireland

Eco Heat Systems friends and web partners, Finlay Fuels, continue to lead the way in fuel efficient fuel distribution in Northern Ireland.

Finlay Fuels are a family business with strong roots in the community. As such they are on something of a mission to bring heating oil to the homes of their thousands of customers at the lowest cost and the maximum efficiency.

Finlay Fuels do not operate storage facilities. Instead they collect 28 sec kerosene heating oil directly from oil terminals across Northern Ireland and deliver it directly to their customers. This reduces transportation costs, lowers their carbon footprint, and the savings are passed on directly to customers.

Finlay Fuels have also introduced a ‘top up’ scheme that customers can opt into. Top up works by making the most of fuel delivery tankers that are already in the area. Rather than make a separate trip at a later date, customers can take advantage of a tanker being in the neighbourhood. Not only does this reduce costs and make environmental savings but it means that Finlay Fuels customers are never without heating oil.

Boiler maintenance and servicing are high on the Finlay Fuels agenda. Heating oil boilers that are not regularly serviced are often inefficient, wasting fuel and increasing heating bills. Finlay Fuel heating engineers service heating boilers and repair problems with burner trips switches, storage, fuel flow and pressure flush heating systems.

For more information on Finlay Fuels’ cost effective and energy efficient domestic oil heating delivery service, check out the website at

Finlay Fuels – Energy Efficient Fuel Distribution in Northern Ireland

A Comprehensive Range of Services, Covering Every Need Within The Home

Design & Build, Extensions, Rendering, Renovations, Kitchen & Bathroom Installation, Essex


Chelmsford based building company, Multi Building Services Ltd, are specialists when it comes to satisfying the needs of their customers. Offering a unique mix of innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship, Multi Building Services Ltd, can transform any house into the home of your dreams. They have over 30 years experience in a wide range of building work including, renovations, extensions, repairs, roofing, bathroom and kitchen installation, plumbing and electrical contracts, in the Essex area. Customer referral is a mainstay of their business and the amount of recommendations they experience, are testament to their customer focused philosophy.

The possibility of additional living space is highly appealing to most people, and Multi Building Services Ltd can help to achieve this. A host of changes and home improvements are possible, with extra rooms, extensions and garage and loft conversions. All of the services Multi Building Services Ltd offer are carried out by properly qualified builders, electricians, plumbers and heating engineers. This is welcome news for homeowners, especially if they were considering a move, but have decided to postpone or cancel in the light of the existing problems within the housing market. A major change can give new life to a home, and competitive prices mean no need to compromise on your desires.

Multi Building Services Ltd, strive to deliver a superior level of expertise, meaning tradesmen who are fully compliant with all industry regulators. They use only Gas Safe registered heating engineers and NICEIC certified electricians for a safe, reliable and trustworthy service every time.

Multi Building Services Ltd, can advise on the latest and most effective ways to ensure home energy efficiency covering all types of insulation, double glazing and even ground and air source heat pumps, for a highly eco-friendly approach. To get more information about any of these excellent services, call 01245 464 573.


Qualified Engineers, Craftsmen, Electricians, Joiners, Roofers, Plumbers, Plasterers & Many Other Home Improvement Specialists for a Wrap Around Service.


Energy Efficient Air Conditioning & Cold Storage

Eco Heat Systems welcome web partners Airfrost to our site with a new article promoting energy efficient air conditioning.

Airfrost are a Lancashire based company serving the whole of the North West of England with an incredible range of refrigeration and cold storage products. With over 40 years in the industry, Airfrost supply bar & cellar cold units and chillers, refrigerated display cabinets for shops, restaurants and cafes, close control cold storage systems for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, underfloor cooling systems for the computer industry and cold rooms for the food industry.

Airfrost cold storage units and cooling systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Highly insulated refrigeration products cut down on running costs while energy efficient cooling systems utilise the latest energy saving technologies to make Airfrost the environmentally friendly option for cold storage.

Take, for example, close control air conditioning for computer rooms. Computers and servers generate heat and must be cooled to avoid overheating. In some computer environments this is achieved through expensive cooling fans built into each computer unit or by deliberately cooling the entire room. Airfrost have designed and installed computer cooling units that feed cool air directly through the computer units, reducing running costs and increasing energy efficiency.

For office air conditioning, Airfrost usually install highly efficient VAM heat recovery units or VRV systems. Integrated ventilation and heat recovery can improve a building’s energy requirement by up to 50%.

For further information on Airfrost refrigeration, cold storage or air conditioning system can be found at or by contacting Airfrost on 01704 840948.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning & Cold Storage