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Energy Efficient Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

In many ways, energy is like money. Using what we have as efficiently as we can is as important as trying to get some more. In fact in an age of climate change and depleting natural resources, using energy efficiently can only be a good thing.

Keeping a home in good repair is always a wise move. Loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double glazing reduce heating bills while keeping the home warm. Having central heating systems and boilers regularly serviced saves more money that it costs. In fact there are many money saving tips for reducing energy consumption at work and in the home.

But imagine a heating system that produces two, three, four or even five times more energy than it consumes. Think of the financial and environmental savings that would bring.

Thermodynamic hot water systems do just that. By using heat exchange technology, thermodynamic hot water systems convert latent heat energy into useable home heating energy, heating water to 55C.

Thermodynamic hot water systems are more efficient that solar power or wind power. They produce hot water throughout the day and night, and carry on working even when the outside temperature is as low as minus 15C.

The principle is quite simple. Thermodynamic hot water systems use refrigerant liquids, expansion units and condensers to create heat energy. Liquid refrigerants are fed through a panel attached to the outside of the home. (A panel typically weighs less than 7kg and can be fitted horizontally or vertically to a wall or roof.) The refrigerant evaporates, creating a gas which is pumped around the system to a compressor. Compression raises the temperature of the gas, and this increased energy is used to heat water that is fed through the system. The refrigerant gas is condensed back to a liquid and the whole sequence continues once more.

As they are sealed units that use non corrosive chemicals, thermodynamic hot water systems are virtually maintenance free but as they are dependent upon refrigerant liquids and gases they must be installed by an F-Gas registered engineer.

Thermodynamic heating units available from companies such as the Magic Thermodynamic Box Company are available as retro-fit systems to be added to existing hot water cylinders or with replacement hot water cylinders. Thermodynamic hot water systems can be installed at any time or as an addition to a new kitchen or bathroom installation.

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Airfrost Ltd Design & Install Air Conditioning in Liverpool

Three questions: Why Airfrost, why air conditioning, and why Liverpool, especially since Liverpool is not particularly noted for its tropical climate?

Airfrost Ltd are a north west company whose air conditioning engineers can be found in Liverpool on a daily basis. They know the city, its businesses, its culture and its people. And in many ways, Liverpool represents many other towns and cities across the north west and in the rest of the UK. None of us live in a tropical or even a Mediterranean climate so shy would we need air conditioning?

Airfrost clients know that air conditioning isn’t simply about keeping cool on very hot days. Air conditioning in Liverpool maintains a constant environment for businesses and their customers. Air conditioning in Liverpool shopping malls, retail parks and department stores brings cool, clean, fresh air into an otherwise stale and dry environment. Air conditioning in restaurants, pubs, clubs and entertainment venues throughout the city add to a great night out. Air conditioning in offices, work places and public buildings in Liverpool create ideal working conditions and the perfect business environment.

Air conditioning from Airfrost is designed specifically for each and every client taking into account the business needs and the design of the building. Individually designed air conditioning from Airfrost is cost effective and energy efficient. Modern, technologically advanced air conditioning in Liverpool reflects the city’s status as a centre of businesses, culture, art and sport.

As well as design and installation, Airfrost engineers are F-Gas registered and qualified and experienced in all aspects of air conditioning service and maintenance.

For further information on Airfrost air conditioning design, installation and maintenance visit the website at

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Red Diesel, Home Heating Oil & Solid Fuel Delivery in County Down, Northern Ireland

Strangford Fuels Ltd of County Down, Northern Ireland, has grown from strength to strength since it first started delivering coal to homes and business more than thirty years ago.

Strangford Fuels continues to deliver coal and smokeless fuels including anthracite, phurnacite, Burnglow, Blend & Homefire. Solid fuels are delivered in 25kg bags with a 5 bag minimum delivery to domestic customers (20 bag minimum wholesale delivery to retail outlets). Customers can also choose between economy fuel – ideal for most uses – or 5 Star coal which burns slower, produces more heat and less ash.

In the 1990s, following the move to new premises with purpose-built fuel storage tanks, Strangford Fuels expanded into heating oil delivery and now supply homes, businesses and public buildings across County Down and the surrounding areas.

A natural next step was the supply and delivery of red diesel to farmers and fishing boats in Northern Ireland. Because Strangford Fuels are able to buy in bulk they are able to negotiate great discounts from the oil terminals in Belfast: savings that are passed on to customers as low cost red diesel and great value home heating oil.

A more recent venture for Strangford Fuels has been the opening of a kitchen cooker showroom at their home in Downpatrick. Strangford Fuels stock a tremendous range of gas and electric hobs, ovens and cookers from many of the leading names in kitchen design including Range Master, Belling and Hotpoint. They also have selection of mobile gas heaters and include a free bottle of calor gas with every one.

For further details on the full range of products and services available from Strangford Fuels Ltd visit

Red Diesel, Home Heating Oil & Solid Fuel Delivery in County Down