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Home Heating Oil, Solid Fuels & Red Diesel in County Down, Northern Ireland

The first chill winds of the autumn have finally brought a long hot summer to an end and suddenly our Eco Heat System friends at Strangford Fuels are talking about the winter.

Strangford Fuels Ltd are based in Downpatrick, County Down in North Ireland and supply homes and businesses with heating oil, solid fuels and red diesel.

Established in 1980, Strangford Fuels success is due to the winning combination of excellent customer service, the right choice of products and the best possible prices. For home owners in County Down who use solid fuel, Strangford Fuels supply coal and smokeless fuels. Anthracite, Phurnacite, Burnglow, Blend and Homefire are available in 25 kg bags with a minimum 5 bad delivery. There is also a choice of economy or 5 star coal. Economy is exactly what it says but 5 star coal typically burns hotter for longer while producing less ash.

Strangford Fuels are quick to tell us the real trick to staying warm – at the best prices – is to plan ahead. It’s going to be a long cold winter and every home in County Down will use a lot of fuel. Stocking up on solid fuels and heating oil saves money in the longer term. Strangford Fuels do everything the can to keep the prices down but it is a rare thing for fuel prices to fall over the winter months.

To give a simple example of economies of scale, due to demand, Strangford Fuels offer emergency 20 litre drums of home heating oil. No doubt Strangford Fuels will sell a good number of these emergency heating oil drums over the winter but the cost to the consumer would be less if customers ordered their heating oil advance and kept heating oil stocks topped up whenever possible,

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Home Heating Oil, Solid Fuels & Red Diesel in County Down, Northern Ireland


Planning Ahead for Home Fuel Heating Oil

We were reminded today by our Northern Ireland friends and web marketing partners – Finlay Fuels Ltd – of the advantages in planning ahead for home fuel delivery.

County Down based Finlay Fuels put their own success over the years down to their ability to plan ahead. Finlay Fuels supply the people of Northern Ireland with 28 sec kerosene home heating oil. They have made home delivery a science and a thing of beauty.

On-line ordering is simple and straightforward. Not only that but it allows Finlay Fuels to plan their delivery route with the utmost efficiency, Finlay Fuels have reduced the cost of storage by buying directly from the wholesale suppliers at Belfast’s oil depots and delivering straight to their customer’s door. The fleet of Finlay Fuel delivery tankers is fully computerised to allow for final adjustments to the schedule. They offer a ‘top up’ option to customers who benefit from the Finlay Fuels tankers being in their area.

Everything that can be done to lower the cost of home heating oil is done. Of course some things are beyond Finlay Fuel’s control, including the wholesale price of 28 sec kerosene. The other thing that is outside their control is when the orders come through. Having said that, Finlay Fuels offer a reminder service to their customers to let them know when they may need another delivery and they would encourage all customers to subscribe to the free service.

Finlay Fuels are usually able to deliver home heating oil in an emergency but in the eternal fight to keep the cost of home heating down, this is a situation best avoided.

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Finlay Fuels: Planning Ahead for Home Fuel Heating Oil