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Halogen Lighting Bows Out

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hotelledThe race for an increasingly eco friendly world is gaining pace, as new technology continually emerges in a bid to ensure a bright future for coming generations. The impact made so far by LED light bulbs and systems has already gone a long way [literally] towards this ‘bright future’. With many councils, official bodies and large businesses and organisations investing in LED conversion over the last few years, confidence has grown in this dynamic source of illumination.

One of LED lighting’s competitors has been the Halogen bulb, classed as an energy saving bulb, though only marginally superior to traditional incandescent bulbs. Certain types of Halogen bulb are being phased out from 1st September 2016, with others in the coming years. This is believed to be a step in the right direction, as halogen bulbs are somewhat inefficient and will push up your energy bill. They are typically expected to last less than 2 years, and use a similar amount of electricity to incandescent bulbs.

Halogen spotlights will be first on the list for phasing out, with other types like traditional or candle shaped halogen bulbs following in 2018. As the crack down has begun, it is probably a good idea to start replacing your halogen bulbs with energy efficient LED’s. A little pricier, although coming down steadily, these are less likely to fail for several years and will save you money in the long run.

Good quality LED light bulbs have been shown to last longer than 15,000 hours. Six halogen spotlights in your kitchen will cost roughly £28.80 per year to run, with the equivalent LED lights costing around £7.

Most people are happy to ‘do their bit’ when it comes to saving the planet by insulating the home, using green energy sources where possible and making sure appliances etc comply with government legislation. LED light bulbs are rapidly becoming the illumination source of choice, with exciting advances in design and functionality. Turn Key Electrical Ltd, have an impressive record when it comes to installation of all lighting and electrical systems, and have carried out projects for London Science Museum, BUPA/Spire Health Care and Lab Sports Group. Call them for advice on 01302 719800

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Bring the sun into your Home!!

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sunflowers-1Air Source heat pumps are generally regarded as extremely cost effective for powering domestic heating systems, they perform exceptionally well and are a safe option. They produce heat from the air outside which provides warmth and hot water within the home. They work particularly well where underfloor heating is used, and a well insulated property will see significant savings on fuel bills. Not only do they save money, but the planet benefits from this type of renewable technology, as the homes carbon footprint could be reduced by as much as 10 tonnes per year. There are a number of UK government supported schemes which are designed to encourage the use of green energy like the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI].

The incentive was the first of its kind globally, and it is expected to contribute to the governments pledge to ensure that by 2020, 12% of heating comes from renewable sources. This covers all sections including domestic, community and business energy consumers. The RHI scheme for domestic users began in 2014 and gives financial support to homes in England, Scotland and Wales which install certain forms of eco friendly technology for 7 years. Households who use this kind of energy for heating and hot water receive payment. This means that most of the money used to buy and install the heat pump is usually recouped in just 5 years. Those households which do not have a gas supply are the predominant targets of the scheme although others can also benefit.

SJB Mechanical and Building Services Ltd, offer bespoke design, installation and maintenance of air source heat pumps manufactured by reputable names like Mitsubishi, Samsung and Daikin. They can advise on the best make and model for their customers specific needs, and point out the particular characteristics of each. Award winning Ecodan by Mitsubishi, was designed for the UK market, and was awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society. Air source heat pumps feature non combustion technology, so do not generate carbon monoxide, and are ideal for new builds, as well as being adaptable and retro fitted to older properties.

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