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Should I Maintain My Air Conditioning?

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The short answer to this question is….YES!

Whether in the home or business, air conditioning systems are designed to enable a comfortable and healthy environment, and to do this they need to be functioning in the correct way. This means regular maintenance, to ensure that the system is performing well and there are no potential problems brewing.

There are actual health risks associated with lack of air conditioning maintenance, which often causes a build up of dust and debris. This can accumulate around outlets, intakes, air filters and condenser coils if left unchecked. This can allow microscopic organisms and allergens to circulate freely through the air, and these can give rise to conditions like asthma, sinusitis and other allergies. These issues are well known to be aggravated by particulates of this kind, and even more serious problems can occur where there is contamination from bacteria. Air conditioning units that have bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses growing within pose a real health risk.

Equally worrying is an unmaintained air conditioning unit that has legionella bacteria growing inside, as although uncommon, this disease can be fatal to the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. This demonstrates the importance of good air conditioning maintenance for homes and businesses.

You can clean your own system parts where accessible, like intakes and outlets, as dust build up is usually obvious and visible. After a thorough clean, anti bacterial wipes are a good idea as a finishing touch and should work to keep allergens at bay.

However you should get in the professionals at least once a year, to inspect air filters, condensing coils and other internal components. These are vital areas, and need specialist cleaning to stop nasties from multiplying within your home or business. The good news is that when your unit is maintained and cleaned by professionals like Turn Key Air Conditioning, you will save on your energy bills. This is because a properly functioning system is much more energy efficient and will cost less to run. A win win situation!

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