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Are you bored?

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If you are kicking your heels at the moment, why not compile a ‘to do’ list, and work your way through it. There must be dozens of little jobs that never get done in the normal day to day, due to lack of time and motivation. If you’ve cleaned everything to within an inch of it’s life, here are a few ideas you may not have thought of.

  • If your fed up with that old stair carpet, why not rip it up and paint the stairs instead. Specialist floor paint means you can simply paint over the old paint or varnish.
  • Use old bricks to edge a border in the garden.
  • Build an outdoor sofa from old pallets [very on trend].
  • Install shelves in your home or shed.

There are tons of things to be getting on with in Stansted so put your thinking cap on, and if you need to hire any tools or equipment Rhinos Plant Hire have everything you need!

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Home Heating Oil News

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In this climate of carbon reduction targets and deadlines, the future of home heating oil is on the agenda for key industry players. These include BP, Shell, Essar, ExxonMobil, Petroineos, Philips 66, Total and Valero with associate members Certas Energy, Local Fuel, CLH, Dragon LNG, Puma Energy and National Grid. They form the group UKPIA, and are working to promote heating oil’s positive role in the industry.

A series of publications called ‘Future Vision’ lays out a range of possibilities open to the fuel marketing and refining industries. The group’s aim is that the home heating oil industry contributes to decarbonisation while providing a reliable, secure and affordable product. Along with this goal, Stephen Marcos Jones, UKPIA director-general said “We also outline the opportunities available through innovation to achieve a circular economy thanks to developments in feedstocks, operations, fuels and products. UKPIA’s vision for the long-term future of the downstream oil sector is a positive one”.

He went on to say “It is a future where new, low-carbon liquid fuels and products can make as much of a contribution to decarbonising the transport we use as can Electric Vehicles (Evs)”. He championed the use of highly efficient manufacturing processes, carbon reducing technologies and team work with other sectors.

There are calls for governments to support the use of biofuels, promoting this renewable option and keeping prices down. It is believed that as more and more businesses become conscious of environmental issues, demand for biofuels will increase significantly.

High quality home heating oil is a popular choice for homes across Ireland and the UK, and is provided by a number of specialist suppliers like Wise Oil. This oil comes direct from the terminals at Belfast and is delivered to your tank. Their website allows you to check prices and order your fuels and additives from the comfort of your home.

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Treat Your Pool to a Makeover

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Many people love the fun, relaxation and health benefits of swimming, which is why this activity is the recommendation most often given out by doctors, therapists and other health professionals. But whatever type of pool it is, public swimming pool, therapy pool or privately owned pool, they all need regular cleaning and maintenance. Not only that, having them checked over periodically will keep them functioning properly, and ensure they are energy efficient.

The chemical balance within any pool requires the correct type of maintenance to avoid problems down the road, which is why a pool cleaning and maintenance professional should be brought in. Tanks which are improperly balanced are prone to the growth and development of algae or bacteria, these can negatively affect health. A regular once over by a skilled specialist is a pretty painless procedure and will put your mind at rest!

Technicians from companies like Pool Maintenance Ltd, offer a tailored service and will carry out as much or as little work as you wish. They have a vast experience and extensive knowledge of exactly how to keep your pool in pristine condition. If your pool is clean and hygienic, and all parts are performing well, you are good to go.

Repairing or replacing any equipment which is malfunctioning or dilapidated is crucial to the long life of the pool as a whole, and a range of tests can discover any problems. Pumps, filters and motors need to be inspected and serviced, and potential issues identified and corrected before they can become troublesome.

Incorrect pH or extreme concentrations of chemicals may irritate nose, eyes, mouth and skin in addition to damaging the body of your pool possibly causing leaks. This is why it’s wise to hire somebody who knows what they are doing, can answer all of your questions, and perhaps save you money!

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Should I Maintain My Air Conditioning?

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The short answer to this question is….YES!

Whether in the home or business, air conditioning systems are designed to enable a comfortable and healthy environment, and to do this they need to be functioning in the correct way. This means regular maintenance, to ensure that the system is performing well and there are no potential problems brewing.

There are actual health risks associated with lack of air conditioning maintenance, which often causes a build up of dust and debris. This can accumulate around outlets, intakes, air filters and condenser coils if left unchecked. This can allow microscopic organisms and allergens to circulate freely through the air, and these can give rise to conditions like asthma, sinusitis and other allergies. These issues are well known to be aggravated by particulates of this kind, and even more serious problems can occur where there is contamination from bacteria. Air conditioning units that have bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses growing within pose a real health risk.

Equally worrying is an unmaintained air conditioning unit that has legionella bacteria growing inside, as although uncommon, this disease can be fatal to the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. This demonstrates the importance of good air conditioning maintenance for homes and businesses.

You can clean your own system parts where accessible, like intakes and outlets, as dust build up is usually obvious and visible. After a thorough clean, anti bacterial wipes are a good idea as a finishing touch and should work to keep allergens at bay.

However you should get in the professionals at least once a year, to inspect air filters, condensing coils and other internal components. These are vital areas, and need specialist cleaning to stop nasties from multiplying within your home or business. The good news is that when your unit is maintained and cleaned by professionals like Turn Key Air Conditioning, you will save on your energy bills. This is because a properly functioning system is much more energy efficient and will cost less to run. A win win situation!

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Your Ideal Home

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It’s no secret that the government has over the last few years, tried to promote and encourage the concept of self build. Financial incentives have included pledging £44million for those individuals and communities interested in exploring the possibility. They also ensured that self builders were exempt from the Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL], a charge which has in the past discouraged 1 in 8 prospective self builders from pursuing their dream.

Many people desire a home which is designed to their own specifications whether traditional, quaint and cottage like or contemporary, dynamic and unique. They also want a location that is preferable to them, perhaps near family, work or schools. The UK has trailed behind other European countries like Austria which has over 80% of self build properties or Germany and Belgium that have 50%.

Websites and organisations have been popping up all over the internet with advice, suggestions, ideas and even information on available plots for self builders. Lots of construction companies now offer self build as part of their service, with as much or as little input as the customer requires. Several designers, engineers and architects have been inspired by the popularity of self build, and have created some fantastic and futuristic concepts. These ingenious and creative spaces encompass every aspect of green, low carbon living, like being compact and running on renewable energy.

Other experts who think outside the box have developed 3D printing, enabling a home to be produced from a pattern and more or less slotted together. These innovations have everybody talking, and can be produced from concept to completion in a matter of weeks, if that!

For your construction project in Benfleet, Rhino Plant Hire have a range of heavy and small plant, perfect for small DIY tasks to large scale builds. All of their vehicles and machinery are sourced from high quality manufacturers, and expertly maintained for a reliable and efficient hire experience. Call them on 01277 372 626 for more information on what they offer.


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Save Money with A Rated Windows

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If your double glazed windows in Billericay and Wickford are keeping you warm and toasty and blocking lots of noise from outside, that’s great! However, if you suspect the opposite to be the case and you can feel a draft or notice damp spots around the windows, they might just need replacing. High quality double glazing, when professionally installed will last for many years, not only providing a comfortable living space for the family, but saving money on fuel bills. When warm air escapes from your home, a high percentage does so through windows and doors. Addressing this issue by installing replacement UPVC double glazing could save you around £140 annually on your heating bills.

Signs of failed double glazing include condensation in between panes, draughts or leaks, and wear and tear appears as chips and cracks. This means inferior performance and decreased thermal efficiency all round.

Windows are rated from A-G by the British Fenestration Ratings Council [BFRC], and rated windows are the way to go according to the Energy Saving Trust. A is the higher rating, although some companies claim to use A rated windows, when they are using their own company ratings system. This means that the windows could in fact actually be B or C rated.

Installers who are FENSA registered are a good bet, as the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme is the government authorised Competent Persons Scheme that regulates installation of double glazing within the UK. FENSA takes a dim view of those who falsely claim to be FENSA registered, and even publish on their website a list of rogue traders who have advertised as FENSA companies when they were not. The list gives details of prosecutions resulting in fines and even prison.

Essex Trade Windows Ltd, are FENSA registered, and offer energy efficient windows and doors such as the innovative and award winning Optima range by Profile 22.


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Halogen Lighting Bows Out

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hotelledThe race for an increasingly eco friendly world is gaining pace, as new technology continually emerges in a bid to ensure a bright future for coming generations. The impact made so far by LED light bulbs and systems has already gone a long way [literally] towards this ‘bright future’. With many councils, official bodies and large businesses and organisations investing in LED conversion over the last few years, confidence has grown in this dynamic source of illumination.

One of LED lighting’s competitors has been the Halogen bulb, classed as an energy saving bulb, though only marginally superior to traditional incandescent bulbs. Certain types of Halogen bulb are being phased out from 1st September 2016, with others in the coming years. This is believed to be a step in the right direction, as halogen bulbs are somewhat inefficient and will push up your energy bill. They are typically expected to last less than 2 years, and use a similar amount of electricity to incandescent bulbs.

Halogen spotlights will be first on the list for phasing out, with other types like traditional or candle shaped halogen bulbs following in 2018. As the crack down has begun, it is probably a good idea to start replacing your halogen bulbs with energy efficient LED’s. A little pricier, although coming down steadily, these are less likely to fail for several years and will save you money in the long run.

Good quality LED light bulbs have been shown to last longer than 15,000 hours. Six halogen spotlights in your kitchen will cost roughly £28.80 per year to run, with the equivalent LED lights costing around £7.

Most people are happy to ‘do their bit’ when it comes to saving the planet by insulating the home, using green energy sources where possible and making sure appliances etc comply with government legislation. LED light bulbs are rapidly becoming the illumination source of choice, with exciting advances in design and functionality. Turn Key Electrical Ltd, have an impressive record when it comes to installation of all lighting and electrical systems, and have carried out projects for London Science Museum, BUPA/Spire Health Care and Lab Sports Group. Call them for advice on 01302 719800

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Bring the sun into your Home!!

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sunflowers-1Air Source heat pumps are generally regarded as extremely cost effective for powering domestic heating systems, they perform exceptionally well and are a safe option. They produce heat from the air outside which provides warmth and hot water within the home. They work particularly well where underfloor heating is used, and a well insulated property will see significant savings on fuel bills. Not only do they save money, but the planet benefits from this type of renewable technology, as the homes carbon footprint could be reduced by as much as 10 tonnes per year. There are a number of UK government supported schemes which are designed to encourage the use of green energy like the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI].

The incentive was the first of its kind globally, and it is expected to contribute to the governments pledge to ensure that by 2020, 12% of heating comes from renewable sources. This covers all sections including domestic, community and business energy consumers. The RHI scheme for domestic users began in 2014 and gives financial support to homes in England, Scotland and Wales which install certain forms of eco friendly technology for 7 years. Households who use this kind of energy for heating and hot water receive payment. This means that most of the money used to buy and install the heat pump is usually recouped in just 5 years. Those households which do not have a gas supply are the predominant targets of the scheme although others can also benefit.

SJB Mechanical and Building Services Ltd, offer bespoke design, installation and maintenance of air source heat pumps manufactured by reputable names like Mitsubishi, Samsung and Daikin. They can advise on the best make and model for their customers specific needs, and point out the particular characteristics of each. Award winning Ecodan by Mitsubishi, was designed for the UK market, and was awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society. Air source heat pumps feature non combustion technology, so do not generate carbon monoxide, and are ideal for new builds, as well as being adaptable and retro fitted to older properties.

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Home Heating Oil, Coal and Smokeless Fuel Delivery in Northern Ireland

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At Eco Heat Systems, we are happy to pass on information about other reputable companies who offer high quality products or services. Our web promotion partners Strangford Fuels Ltd, are suppliers of a variety of home heating fuels in Northern Ireland, and are committed to customer satisfaction on all levels. With around 30 years of supplying and delivering home heating oil, coal and smokeless fuel within the County Down area Strangford Fuels, can fulfil all of their customer’s needs. They are passionate about providing warmth and comfort for every home with a selection including Burnglow, Blend, Anthracite, Phurnacite and Homefire.
Not only are they dedicated to distributing high quality products, another priority is ensuring cost effective fuel efficiency, and comprehensive details about money saving heating options can be found on their website. Catering to clients in Downpatrick, Crossgar, Strangford, Ardglass and Newcastle, Strangford Fuels are an expanding family business offering home heating oil, coal and red diesel. A fleet of well maintained oil, red diesel and coal delivery vehicles are available at their state of the art facility in Downpatrick, including a mini tanker for heating oil deliveries where access is restricted. Their red diesel is a favourite with numerous businesses, farmers and fishing boat use in coastal locations like Ardglass.
Coal and solid fuels are offered wholesale, for shops, convenience stores or filling stations, or for home delivery. Their excellent 20 Litre drums of wholesale ’emergency run out’ oil are an ideal solution wherever there is a possibility of being left without fuel. As members of the Northern Ireland Oil Federation, the experienced team at Strangford Fuels are knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.
Strangford Fuels pride themselves on delivering a superior range of efficient and competitively priced home heating choices. Whether its home heating oil, coal, smokeless fuel, red diesel or multi-fuel stoves, Strangford Fuels Ltd tick all the boxes.
Give them a call on 028 4461 6111

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Energy Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps from MBS, Essex

Eco Heat Systems are delighted to bring your attention to a new page on the Multi Building Services Ltd website.

Multi Building Services Ltd are an Essex company who specialise in new build properties, conversions, refurbishments and extensions. They pride themselves on providing all building services in-house without the need for expensive and time consuming subcontractors. Multi Building Services also have an excellent reputation for integrating energy efficient solutions into every project.

Multi Building Services are long time advocates of environmentally friendly technology. The latest example is the adoption of Air Source Heat Pumps in supplying homes and commercial properties with renewable energy.

Air Source Heat Pumps work by converting low grade heat energy from outside air into hot water and heat that can be used inside the home.

Air Source Heat Pumps are classified by the EU as a renewable energy source for the simple reason that they produce more energy than they consume. Samsung Monobloc Air Source Heat Pumps installed by Multi Building Services have a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance of 3.5. This means that for every 1kW of energy that goes into operating the Heat Pump, an average of 3.5kW of heat energy is produced throughout the year. Perhaps most amazingly of all, Samsung Monobloc Air Source Heat Pumps work at 90% efficiency even when the outside temperature is 10C below breezing.

Multi Building Services design and install Air Source Heat Pumps according to the needs of the customer. Standard domestic systems provide central heating and hot water up to 60C while Split Air Source Systems can be used to power under floor heating. More advanced models integrate Air Source Heat Pumps with solar panels, and the Samsung TDM system uses an energy inverter to switch from providing warm air in the winter to running air conditioning during hot summer spells.

With other Air Source Heat Pump systems available for multi occupancy dwellings and commercial properties, Multi Building Services provide the most cost effective and energy efficient heating system every time.

For more information, visit

Energy Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps from Multi Building Services Ltd, Essex