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Air Source Heat Pumps, Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI], Domestic & Business Installation

sunflowers-1Air Source heat pumps are generally regarded as extremely cost effective for powering domestic heating systems, they perform exceptionally well and are a safe option. They produce heat from the air outside which provides warmth and hot water within the home. They work particularly well where underfloor heating is used, and a well insulated property will see significant savings on fuel bills. Not only do they save money, but the planet benefits from this type of renewable technology, as the homes carbon footprint could be reduced by as much as 10 tonnes per year. There are a number of UK government supported schemes which are designed to encourage the use of green energy like the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI].

The incentive was the first of its kind globally, and it is expected to contribute to the governments pledge to ensure that by 2020, 12% of heating comes from renewable sources. This covers all sections including domestic, community and business energy consumers. The RHI scheme for domestic users began in 2014 and gives financial support to homes in England, Scotland and Wales which install certain forms of eco friendly technology for 7 years. Households who use this kind of energy for heating and hot water receive payment. This means that most of the money used to buy and install the heat pump is usually recouped in just 5 years. Those households which do not have a gas supply are the predominant targets of the scheme although others can also benefit.

SJB Mechanical and Building Services Ltd, offer bespoke design, installation and maintenance of air source heat pumps manufactured by reputable names like Mitsubishi, Samsung and Daikin. They can advise on the best make and model for their customers specific needs, and point out the particular characteristics of each. Award winning Ecodan by Mitsubishi, was designed for the UK market, and was awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society. Air source heat pumps feature non combustion technology, so do not generate carbon monoxide, and are ideal for new builds, as well as being adaptable and retro fitted to older properties.

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