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In this climate of carbon reduction targets and deadlines, the future of home heating oil is on the agenda for key industry players. These include BP, Shell, Essar, ExxonMobil, Petroineos, Philips 66, Total and Valero with associate members Certas Energy, Local Fuel, CLH, Dragon LNG, Puma Energy and National Grid. They form the group UKPIA, and are working to promote heating oil’s positive role in the industry.

A series of publications called ‘Future Vision’ lays out a range of possibilities open to the fuel marketing and refining industries. The group’s aim is that the home heating oil industry contributes to decarbonisation while providing a reliable, secure and affordable product. Along with this goal, Stephen Marcos Jones, UKPIA director-general said “We also outline the opportunities available through innovation to achieve a circular economy thanks to developments in feedstocks, operations, fuels and products. UKPIA’s vision for the long-term future of the downstream oil sector is a positive one”.

He went on to say “It is a future where new, low-carbon liquid fuels and products can make as much of a contribution to decarbonising the transport we use as can Electric Vehicles (Evs)”. He championed the use of highly efficient manufacturing processes, carbon reducing technologies and team work with other sectors.

There are calls for governments to support the use of biofuels, promoting this renewable option and keeping prices down. It is believed that as more and more businesses become conscious of environmental issues, demand for biofuels will increase significantly.

High quality home heating oil is a popular choice for homes across Ireland and the UK, and is provided by a number of specialist suppliers like Wise Oil. This oil comes direct from the terminals at Belfast and is delivered to your tank. Their website allows you to check prices and order your fuels and additives from the comfort of your home.

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