Home Heating Oil, Coal and Smokeless Fuel Delivery in Northern Ireland

High Quality Home Heating Oil, Coal & Smokeless Fuel, Multi-Fuel Stoves, County Down

At Eco Heat Systems, we are happy to pass on information about other reputable companies who offer high quality products or services. Our web promotion partners Strangford Fuels Ltd, are suppliers of a variety of home heating fuels in Northern Ireland, and are committed to customer satisfaction on all levels. With around 30 years of supplying and delivering home heating oil, coal and smokeless fuel within the County Down area Strangford Fuels, can fulfil all of their customer’s needs. They are passionate about providing warmth and comfort for every home with a selection including Burnglow, Blend, Anthracite, Phurnacite and Homefire.
Not only are they dedicated to distributing high quality products, another priority is ensuring cost effective fuel efficiency, and comprehensive details about money saving heating options can be found on their website. Catering to clients in Downpatrick, Crossgar, Strangford, Ardglass and Newcastle, Strangford Fuels are an expanding family business offering home heating oil, coal and red diesel. A fleet of well maintained oil, red diesel and coal delivery vehicles are available at their state of the art facility in Downpatrick, including a mini tanker for heating oil deliveries where access is restricted. Their red diesel is a favourite with numerous businesses, farmers and fishing boat use in coastal locations like Ardglass.
Coal and solid fuels are offered wholesale, for shops, convenience stores or filling stations, or for home delivery. Their excellent 20 Litre drums of wholesale ’emergency run out’ oil are an ideal solution wherever there is a possibility of being left without fuel. As members of the Northern Ireland Oil Federation, the experienced team at Strangford Fuels are knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.
Strangford Fuels pride themselves on delivering a superior range of efficient and competitively priced home heating choices. Whether its home heating oil, coal, smokeless fuel, red diesel or multi-fuel stoves, Strangford Fuels Ltd tick all the boxes.
Give them a call on 028 4461 6111

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